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The Answer Line is an Unmoderated list. No one checks the questions or the answers and DIG is not responsible for any advice. As a result, DIG recommends that before you accept any advice you check with your Attorney, Accountant or other professional.

DIG reserves the right to remove anyone from participation in the list for any reason if in its judgement that individual is misusing the discussion group, or is no longer a member of DIG.

Answerline - Basic rules:
1. ONLY DIG events may be promoted on the Answer Line.

2. Please remember, your FIRST and LAST name must appear on your post or reply, regardless if writing it or using an automatic signature.

3. Your business name is not allowed on the Answerline unless you are a DIG vendor or DIG newsletter advertiser and you are paid in full for the year in which you post.

a. Exception one: this RULE is if an A/L poster recommends you/your business. If you want to recommend yourself, you must do so privately, OFFLINE.

b. Exception two: this RULE is for attorneys: because they are held accountable by law above & beyond non-lawyers and therefore have a disclaimer within their post and because many A/L participants frequently would like an attorney to answer their question and we welcome their assistance, attorneys must provide the name of the firm they own or are employed with along with phone and other contact information, should they wish to post as an attorney.

4. You may post YOUR phone number if you like and at your own risk. You may NOT post anyone else’s phone number (or email or other contact information). If someone requests someone’s email, phone number, etc. and you know the person being sought, feel free to forward the ‘looking for’ request to the person being sought, but do not post their contact information.

5. Requests for financial partners or soliciting deals are NOT permitted on the Answer Line. These topics should be directed to the DIG Marketplace.

6. The A/L is a professional discussion list. 'Flaming' or derogatory comments against other members or DIG is strictly forbidden. There are no "dumb" questions on the Answer Line. Problem with DIG? Please forward your concerns to:

7. Disparaging comments about contractors, investors, tenants, businesses, etc. on the A/L is strictly forbidden. Providing your personal experience with anyone on the A/L OFFLINE is the only way to share what you know when it is not positive.

8. Requests for help locating properties for potential tenants, to fill an empty property, selling properties, or other calls for similar assistance belong on the DIG Marketplace, not the Answer Line.

9. Political, religious, etc. opinions/discussions are not permitted on the Answer Line.

10. Posting DIG Benefit Account numbers is forbidden

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