About this group

The Marketplace is an Unmoderated list. No one checks the content and DIG is not responsible for any offers made. As a result, DIG recommends that before you accept any offers you check with your Attorney, Accountant or other professional.

DIG reserves the right to remove anyone from participation in the list for any reason if in its judgment that individual is misusing the Marketplace, or is no longer a member of DIG.

Basic rules:

1. Only DIG members can post on the Marketplace.

2. Please remember that you must use your FULL name in all communications on the Marketplace.  

3. Advertising is permitted however you should try to keep advertising to a minimum so that members.

4. Requests for financial partners or soliciting deals are permitted uses of the Marketplace.

5. This is a professional discussion list.  'Flaming' or derogatory comments against other members is strictly forbidden.

6. Requests for help locating properties for potential tenants, to fill a empty property, selling properties, or other calls for similar assistance belong on the Marketplace, not the Answer Line.

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